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Along with our greeting card industry and the micro grant program House of Hope Nicaragua has initiated a sponsorship program. For a monthly donation of $35 you can provide food for a survivor or one of her children. A monthly donation of $50 will provide school tuition, uniform, school supplies and books for a resident child.


Your monthly contribution will make it possible for us to provide much needed food and supplies. If you would like to receive a photo and periodic correspondence from your sponsored individual, please let us know. 


Watch the video on the right to see our current needs. Click the bottom right corner for a larger view. 

Margarita moved to House of Hope in August 2007 with her three children. This family comes from Managua and from desperate poverty. The house they were living in was made of black plastic. Everything they owned was muddy as a result of the weather of Nicaragua's rainy season. Margarita is illiterate and hopes to learn to read at House of Hope. She is learning new job skills including sewing. Margarita was diagnosed with cervical cancer at our medical clinic. House of Hope has been providing treatment for her cancer for one year. Initially she struggled with depression and suicide attempts, but is now learning and growing in the Lord. Pray for her and her family as they settle into life at House of Hope.


Current Needs

With your monthly tax-deductible donation of $50 you will provide school tuition, uniform, school supplies and books for a resident child. For $35 per month you can provide food for a House of Hope resident or child. To begin sponsoring please fill out our form by clicking the "Sponsor Form" button to the right.  God bless you for your help!