G I V E  A  G R A N T 

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In 2005, April began assisting women with micro-grants so ladies may realize their own dream of opening a business and to provide a way out of trafficking and prostitution.


If you would like to impact a needy family by helping to make their dream come true, your financial gift to the Micro Industry Grant Program will be greatly appreciated. A donation of approximately $75 will establish a new business and help keep young girls in school and off the streets.


To give a Micro Industry Grant, click the "Giving" button to the left.


Janeth has been coming to House of Hope since 2007. In in 2008 she was given a micro grant to start her own business. Now, with the help of Mercado Fresco she sells milk, cheeses and other fresh foods to support her and her seven children. Not only has her economic situation changed but her entire outlook on life has changed. She is now a leader in her church and a good example to her children. Receiving the micro grant was a life changing step for Janeth. 


If you would have known Patricia before she started coming to House of Hope you would have met an insecure woman full of self doubt and defeat. Now, you will meet a beautiful woman bursting with personality, filled with happiness and hope. Patricia says her life has turned around and she is no longer ashamed of the way she supports herself. In 2008 she was given a micro grant to start a business. After much hard work she has grown her business into what it is today. She sells many different things ranging from hair clips to soap and bread. Her life has changed dramatically by the ability to support herself and her three children. 


Yadira Espinoza has been coming to House of Hope for 7 years and has benefited tremendously from the program. Before she received her micro grant, she prostituted herself from her home in order to support herself and her children.  For the past 6 years she has been able to support herself and her two children selling snacks, candy and other various things out of a store front in her house which she started from her micro grant.