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House of Hope Nicaragua is working with survivors and their children every day to make a positive impact on their lives and share the hope of Jesus Christ.


We are also reaching into the local community to rescue individuals currently being exploited as well as working toward prevention.  Would you like to join us in becoming part of the solution?


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In 2005, April began assisting women with micro-grants so ladies may realize their own dream of opening a business and to provide a way out of trafficking and prostitution.


If you would like to impact a needy family by helping to make their dream come true, your financial gift to the Micro Industry Grant Program will be greatly appreciated. A donation of approximately $75 will establish a new business and help keep young girls in school and off the streets.


To give a Micro Industry Grant, click the "Giving" button to the left.


Janeth has been coming to House of Hope since 2007. In in 2008 she was given a micro grant to start her own business. Now, with the help of Mercado Fresco she sells milk, cheeses and other fresh foods to support her and her seven children. Not only has her economic situation changed but her entire outlook on life has changed. She is now a leader in her church and a good example to her children. Receiving the micro grant was a life changing step for Janeth. 


If you would have known Patricia before she started coming to House of Hope you would have met an insecure woman full of self doubt and defeat. Now, you will meet a beautiful woman bursting with personality, filled with happiness and hope. Patricia says her life has turned around and she is no longer ashamed of the way she supports herself. In 2008 she was given a micro grant to start a business. After much hard work she has grown her business into what it is today. She sells many different things ranging from hair clips to soap and bread. Her life has changed dramatically by the ability to support herself and her three children. 


Yadira Espinoza has been coming to House of Hope for 7 years and has benefited tremendously from the program. Before she received her micro grant, she prostituted herself from her home in order to support herself and her children.  For the past 6 years she has been able to support herself and her two children selling snacks, candy and other various things out of a store front in her house which she started from her micro grant. 



Along with our greeting card industry and the micro grant program House of Hope Nicaragua has initiated a sponsorship program. For a monthly donation of $30 you can sponsor a survivor or one of her children.


Your monthly contribution will make it possible for us to provide a home, vocational training, food, medical care and school supplies. You will receive a photo and periodic correspondence from your sponsored individual. Watch the video on the right to see our current needs. Click the bottom right corner for a larger view. 

Current Needs


Margarita moved to House of Hope in August 2007 with her three children. This family comes from Managua and from desperate poverty. The house they were living in was made of black plastic. Everything they owned was muddy as a result of the weather of Nicaragua's rainy season. Margarita is illiterate and hopes to learn to read at House of Hope. She is learning new job skills including sewing. Margarita was diagnosed with cervical cancer at our medical clinic. House of Hope has been providing treatment for her cancer for one year. Initially she struggled with depression and suicide attempts, but is now learning and growing in the Lord. Pray for her and her family as they settle into life at House of Hope.



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With your tax-deductible donation of $30 per month you can sponsor a House of Hope resident. To begin sponsoring please fill out our form by clicking the "Sponsor Form" button to the right.  

God bless you for your help!



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Our needs at House of Hope offer a wide range of opportunities for ministry. Types of mission teams include: women’s ministry, VBS or other children’s ministries, counseling and related teaching, medical, and construction. They can also include a combination of these. Since House of Hope is funded solely through generous monthly supporters, we ask short-term teams to fund their specified projects while in Nicaragua. Building projects are dependent on the skill set, time available, and amount of budget raised by the team and will be determined by the current need. Heavy construction projects include plumbing, electrical, welding, cement work, and masonry. Light construction projects consist of activities such as painting, cleaning, digging, and repairs.

House of Hope has been under construction since July of 2004. We will have a total of 30 houses for women with multiple children (14 units are completed). Also completed are ten units for mothers with one child and a large building for up to 36 individuals. We have a front reception area and office newly renovated following a fire. We now have a dining hall where the residents eat and serves as the work space for the card making cottage industry. We will eventually have a sewing factory.


The construction is funded by teams that raise funds for the construction materials and then come to Nicaragua to donate their labor. We host a maximum of one contruction team per month.


House of Hope is also in need of other types of team work. Teams can also be involved in Vacation Bible School (VBS), medical/dental, sewing/knitting or teaching Bible classes. Teams can also combine work such as one team may do both construction work with VBS.


There is still much to be done. If you are interested in leading a team please email us. Donations for cost of construction can be made either online or by mail. 


Click here to donate. If you would like to bring a team, please fill out our team form by clicking the "Team Form" button to the left. 



Tuesday Morning women and ladies currently living at the House of Hope gather once a week to hand craft exquisite products. 


Money raised by shop sales goes directly back into House of Hope programs as well as pays Tuesday Morning women for their work. Read more about the Tuesday Morning Program here.


Hand made jewelry consists of: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and sets. Ladies also hand sew cases for eye glasses and potato sacks. In addition to these items, you wil also find an extensive card collection and gift tags for any time of year, holiday or event. 


To visit our shop, click the "Store" button to the right. 



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By: April Havlin 

Ashelen is 16 years old and told me that what motivated her to begin prostitution was her need of a school uniform. She wanted to study, but her mother was not a responsible person and her father was an alcoholic, so she asked a man, a security guard, if he could give her 5 cordobas (22 cents in U.S. dollars) that way she could ask for money and raise enough to buy a school uniform. This man said to her, “Listen I will not give you 5 cordobas I will buy you a uniform or give you way more money if we have sex together,” so she did. He paid her and she then was able to buy a school uniform. She saw this as an easy way to get what she needed and did the same thing to get her two younger brothers school uniforms as well, searching for men to raise the money and buy the uniforms. When I presented the House of Hope program to her, her first question was, “will you give me a uniform?” because she wanted to keep studying. I said, “yes we will give you uniforms, notebooks, and pencils.” She replied, “I will go because I am tired of old and disgusting men sleeping on top of me just for a uniform.” She came when we were handing out uniforms, and even though it was not her time to get one I fought to get her one.


Each school uniform costs $30. To make a uniform doation, click the "Giving" button to the left.



Since the House of Hope first began, we have grown from a small outreach to a full residential program with regular outreaches, rescue programs, rehabilitation programs, bible study, micro-grant and vocational components, and so much more.


The House of Hope is also proud to announce that we have graduated our first survivor who will recieve a micro grant and a home of her own to raise her family - free of slavery and abuse. 


Your donation in any amount will aid us in this mission. To make a donation, click the "Giving" button to the right.



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Residents at the House of Hope live in an environment typical of the local Nicaraguan community. The House of Hope partners with an organization to supply some uniforms but the need is great for more uniforms and school supplies.  


Although residents are able to make some money by selling hand made products in the store, sales do not cover all necessary items to clean, live and provide for their children.  The House of Hope accepts supplies year round, such as: pencil bags, foam sheets, stickers, pencil sharpeners, and erasers.  


To learn more about items needed and how to ship donations, please visit the giving page by clicking the "Giving" button to the left. 




Upon arriving at House of Hope, many residents only have the clothes on their backs.  We provide the necessary items. However, the rugged environment and growing children make it difficult to keep a good supply of wearable clothes year round. 


Residents would greatly appreciate any donations of new or slightly used clothes and shoes in GOOD condition. When considering donations, remember the climate in Nicaragua is mostly humid, rainy, and very hot!


To learn more about items needed and how to ship donations, please visit the giving page by clicking the "Giving" button to the right.




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