​A B O U T   H O U S E   O F   H O P E

April Havlin 

Founder, House of Hope Nicaragua


In 2001, after speaking to a group of prostitutes, God began to birth a vision to help those women leave a life of sexual trafficking. The Holy Spirit confirmed the need to open a vocational center for the women and to provide them with a means to make a living and establish them in the Lord. Since that initial encounter, the Lord has provided us with land and personnel to fulfill this vision.  We have built structures for job training and housing for young girls and women with children. 


In June of 2004, we started a weekly support group, called Tuesday Morning. At first, we had only two women in the group, which soon grew to 25. Currently, the Tuesday Morning program hosts over 300 women each week. Bible study and prayer precede women dividing into groups to hand craft items for the House of Hope online store. Funds raised from product sales serves as a supplement to the income ladies recieve from other small jobs, and teaches skills that will lead to a life free from slavery and prostitution. To purchse products made by the Tuesday Morning attendees, visit our Store


After almost ten years of evangelistic outreach to prostitutes in Managua, many women have come to know Christ. A valiant group has made a stand to stop working the streets and attempt to support their families by various means, such as: peddling candy and trinkets, or doing laundry and ironing. Please take a moment to see what God is doing at House of Hope.


Visit our Programs page for a highlight of House of Hope's services and the Take Action page to learn more about how you can help.


Our mission is the integration of  women and their children into society, transformed through the power of healing and complete discipleship and vocational training within a safe, loving and serving community.



To see women decide to follow Christ and leave behind sexual commerce; women who are transformed personally, economically, in their family life, and are fully equipped to be integrated into Nicaraguan society.

House of Hope International Board of Directors:

  • Reverend April Havlin, MSED, International Director House of Hope

  • Christine Borghi-Cavallaro, M.D., FAAFP Family Medicine Physician, Short Term Medical Missionary

  • Georgina White, Costco Wholesale, NE ICS Supervisor & Missionary Bible Teacher

  • Jennifer Belt, Graphic Designer at Jennifer Belt Design and Media Director House of Hope International

  • Linda Vandergriff, pastor's wife, Lambs Christian Center

  • Treva Tankard, Worship and Creative Arts Minister, Harvest Church 


Emeritus board member and consultant:

  • Gloria Halverson M.D. Professor OBGYN, Short Term Medical Mission & Human Trafficking Activist

  • Lesa Engelthaler, Senior Associate, Victory Search Group and writer 

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