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In 2013, House of Hope began sending Nicaraguan women from House of Hope to share testimonies and principles of how Jesus continues to heal and transform their lives, giving hope and encouragement to women in trafficking and sexual commerce in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Women of Hope provides spiritual and practical help to these women and girls.  Devotions, vocational training, and discipleship classes are offered several times a week.  The women learn baking, jewelry-making, and sewing.  Monthly evangelistic meetings often feature testimonies by women who have accepted Christ and experienced life transformation by His grace.

Women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Mission teams are needed now to come to San Pedro Sula and strengthen this vital ministry.  We especially need construction teams, as well as teams who can teach vocational skills, and medical teams. 

Contact for more information. 



From her childhood Cruz was sexually molested by her cousins and other relatives, so she left home at a very early age. At fourteen she was misled by a neighbor lady who promised her a job.  Instead, she was sold to a brothel, a horror from which there was no way out. She sank deeper into vices and even witchcraft, until she hit bottom - wandering the streets lost and unnoticed, disgusting even herself.

Eventually she got married to a policeman, who mistreated her terribly. Cruz lived a hopeless life for many years - getting drunk, using drugs, and stealing from men. One day, she and her husband had a motorcycle accident and he was killed, leaving her with a fourteen-year-old son.  She almost lost a leg and now walks with a crutch.


A woman named Ana invited her to join the Women of Hope in Honduras. Cruz came and began to hear about how the Lord had changed many lives. She wanted to learn more about Jesus, and gave her life to the Lord. Cruz is also very grateful for the help that has allowed her to start her business selling over the counter medications.


Susana grew up in a Honduras neighborhood where drugs and alcohol were freely available to her at a very young age. At the age of 15, she was trafficked to Guatemala. When she escaped, she returned to Honduras with the intent of working in prostitution. Back in Honduras, she realized she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter.  Susana was homeless, robbing and drinking heavily.  For many years she went between prostitution and stealing.  She met a man who became the father of her last 2 boys. He provided her a house to live in, but he was also a drug addict, which did not help her addictions. Susana remembers having a house full of things they had robbed together. She and her boyfriend lived together for 8 years, until a drug deal went bad and he was murdered.

Susana’s lifelong alcoholism only got worse after his death, and she was diagnosed with terminal cirrhosis of the liver.  The government placed her four younger children in an orphanage. Life on the streets was extremely hard.  She fell in love with another man who died of a drug overdose, and she found herself among a group of Satanists leading her deeper and deeper into despair. At a House of Hope event on January 31, 2014, Susana accepted Jesus as her Savior. House of Hope offered her shelter on the Nicaragua campus, and where she graduated from the residential program after 3 years. When she returned to Honduras, she joined the staff at Women of Hope, where Susana is a great blessing to the other women and has experienced rapid growth and incredible transformation.


Rosibel Alvarado has a new life in Christ

Rosibel is 48 years old and has had a very difficult life. As a child she never felt affection or love from her parents and suffered verbal, psychological, and physical abuse.  At the age of 17, she left her small native village to find her way in the big city of San Pedro Sula.  There she met the man who fathered her 4 children, but he drank excessively, beat her and did not provide for their family.

Rosibel resorted to prostitution and remained in that trap for more than 22 years in order to pay for food and the room that they lived in.  Many times, she searched for a paying job, but she had no education. She knew what she was doing was wrong, and cried out in shame to the Lord for help.

One day, a neighbor told Rosibel about a place where they helped women like her. She went to Women of Hope and heard April preach straight to her heart. She felt as if God had not forgotten her and had heard her cry.  At that moment, she gave her heart

to Christ and has been a new woman ever since.  Rosibel says that Christ is a refuge, and that He provides for her needs through the ministry at Women of Hope, where she has found a new family.

Rosibel has also received a microgrant to

support herself by selling dishes and other small household items. She is so thankful to have left her shameful past behind.



Exciting progress is being made on the construction of the new 3-story building for Women of Hope, ideally located in downtown San Pedro Sula, in the heart of the district where the need is the greatest.  This new facility is a beacon to draw more women and provide help to change lives for generations to come

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