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Our work in Cochabamba, Bolivia started in 2014 when April Havlin visited and saw a great need. Our volunteers and staff are continuing to train and improve their ability to work with the women together as a team. Our Director in Cochabamba, Gonzalo, leads a discipleship group each Thursday night for the women and their husbands and teenage sons. Katty is our new on-site director of the residential program. We are rejoicing in her success.

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House of Hope in Bolivia

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Most of our outreach is done through evangelistic teas, held several times during the year.  These teas follow up our extensive evangelism in health clinics and brothels. The women who come to these events are desperate for moral support and alternative ways to provide for their families.



Katty’s story

Katty, one of the House of Hope women, got a steady job through the help of one of our volunteers. She and the father of her baby have recently married. He has been baptized and comes to the discipleship group.


Katty is a good testimony for other women who want to make a change. She is so happy now- clean and sober and working. She is a shining example of a life transformed by the Lord. 

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Prayer needs for our ministry in Bolivia:


  • Cochabamba - please pray for Gonzalo, the director, and the other leaders as they minister to the women.  Especially pray for Katty who is now the on-site Director of the residential program. Pray for continued harmony between the women and teenage girls in the home.

  • Santa Cruz - Eliana still has a burden for trafficked women in Santa Cruz. Pray that she finds others called to work alongside her in this ministry.



With your support, lives are being transformed in Bolivia every day!

to House of Hope International in Bolivia (memo Bolivia). 

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