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In an indigenous village near the House of Hope girls home in Bolivia, we have encountered over 30 little girls being trafficked. The people in that village are predominantly agricultural day laborers, and alcoholism is rampant. A dozen of those girls have been rescued and now live at House of Hope, where they are safe and receiving help to heal from the trauma that they have suffered. The home is now at capacity, but more girls are still in need of rescue.


You can be a critical part in rescuing little girls still trapped in human trafficking by investing in a larger safe home for these girls.

About the ministry...

House of Hope strives to provide as normal a home environment as possible for the residential girls. They benefit from lively conversation around the table during regularly scheduled meals. The girls are registered in school to continue their education as soon as they are ready. Church is a big part of the healing process for the girls as a loving faith community surrounds them and encourages them to move forward. Each girl also receives medical care and counseling. The program includes activities to help the girls deal with the trauma they have suffered.

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House of Hope in Bolivia

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Our work in Cochabamba, Bolivia, started in 2014 when April Havlin visited and saw a great need. April and a team of volunteers from the local church began visiting brothels in the city and surrounding towns, inviting the women there to an evangelistic event. Women came to know Christ and their lives were transformed. From 2014 to 2019, the House of Hope vocational program taught women how to make a large variety of baked goods, which they sold at the church for dignified income. The volunteers continued to evangelize in the brothels. Three to five times a year, new women were invited to join the program at evangelistic teas. In 2017 the women began gathering for a community group at House of Hope to worship and study scripture.


In 2019 the girls' home was started. Kathy Cuellar, a trafficking survivor who came to know Christ at one of the evangelistic events, is now the Onsite Director for the girls home. During the pandemic we were only able to minister to the residents in the home. In 2023 our emphasis began to shift from working with older teenagers and young adults to include the small girls in the nearby village.



Kathy, one of the House of Hope women and a human trafficking survivor, came to Christ and left the brothel for good in August 2018. She married the father of her baby in 2019. He also came to Christ, has been baptized and participates in the discipleship group. Kathy got a steady job with the help of one of our volunteers before becoming the Onsite Director for the girls’ home.


Kathy is a good testimony for other women who want to make a change. She is so happy now - clean and sober and working. She is a shining example of a life transformed by the Lord.

  • Cochabamba - Especially pray for Kathy who is the On-site Director of the residential program. Pray for continued harmony between the girls in the home.


  • Pray that God will provide new full-time workers as the home is growing. Pray for the ongoing training for the staff and volunteers.

  • Pray that the Lord will continue to supply the funds to purchase a larger home so that more girls can be rescued.


Interested in serving in Bolivia or know someone who is? Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more.



With your support, lives are being transformed in Bolivia every day!

to House of Hope International in Bolivia. 


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