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Your monthly contribution of $35 provides food for a trafficking survivor or one of her children. A monthly donation of $50 will provide food, school tuition, uniform, and school supplies for a resident child.  Twice a year, you will receive a photo and updates from your sponsored individual. 

God bless you for your help!

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Noemi, 21, arrived at House of Hope Nicaragua in January 2020 with her 18-month-old son. Her mother had died when she was 5, and her father was not a part of her life. She moved around, living with siblings, her grandmother, and whoever would have her. When she was 15, she moved in with a 19-year-old boy who treated her very badly. She left him and made her way to Managua, where she met the father of her son, who then deceived her. It was a very desperate time for Rebecca, pregnant and living alone. After giving birth, Rebeca resorted to prostitution just to be able to eat. 


Rebeca found out about House of Hope from another woman and is happy to be there!  She says she is so thankful for a home to keep clean, and to be able to bathe each day. She hopes to return to school, since she had only completed 3rd grade. She dreams of perhaps studying computers or even becoming a pharmacist!  Pray for her as she embarks on her new life in Christ.


Margareth is 34 years old.  She moved to House of Hope in January 2020 with two of her three children.  Linda was raised in an abusive family. Her mother was gone all of the time, and her father disciplined her very harshly. As a teenager, she rebelled against his iron rule and ended up pregnant at 17, without support.  Out of desperation, she followed a neighbor to a “wonderful job” and soon learned that it was a front for prostitution to service foreigners at fancy hotels. Linda said she felt trapped because she had no job skills. Over time, she ended up “working” at a seedy bar where men beat and robbed her.  She felt lost and locked in a prison from which there was no escape. She says, "I am ashamed to have earned all this money in my life and have never done anything good with it."


Margareth found out about House of Hope during a medical team outreach and has begun a new life in Christ. She is ready to learn and embrace all she can from her time at House of Hope, and to be a good mother to her two youngest children. Her prayer is that she will stay strong, make the right choices day by day, and continue at House of Hope.  Please pray with her.

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