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M I C R O - G R A N T   P R O G R A M 



In 2005, House of Hope began assisting women with micro-grants to realize their own dream of opening a business and to provide a way out of trafficking and prostitution.


If you would like to impact a needy family by helping to make their dream come true, your financial gift to the Micro-Grant Program will be greatly appreciated.  A donation of  $100 will establish a new business, empowering a woman to provide a better life for herself and her children.

                                a Micro Industry Grant




Would you like to start a tiny new business for a woman who doesn’t know how to read? Goldin Is a 42-year-old mother of two in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She has never been to school. As a young woman, she was in a physically abusive relationship and started waiting tables in a nightclub. Pretty soon she was an exotic dancer and selling her body to feed her two children. Goldin felt trapped in that lifestyle until a friend took her to House of Hope. She found the love of Christ and her life is completely different. Recently she received a $75 micro-grant through our program and has started a tortilla-making business from her home. She is married and both children are in school. Gratefully their lives will be very different from their mom’s.




Rosa Perez is 33 years old, and she was in prostitution for a long time. Two years after arriving at House of Hope in Managua for the first time, she began to leave prostitution. Rosa currently goes regularly to church and is trusting the Lord. Now she tries other work to support her family and says that it is a daily struggle not to fall into temptation, but the Lord is helping her. Thanks to you, our generous supporters, Rosa has a new tiny business selling rice and beans and other basic household supplies. 



Marcia Ulloa is 30 years old and has been participating in House of Hope program in San Pedro Sula, Honduras for three years. She lives in a tiny house with her three children. As a child, she suffered hunger and was rejected. She left home at 14 and being was trafficked. She soon became addicted to alcohol and drugs.


While in prostitution she met a man who promised to make a life with her, and she fell for his promise. He abandoned her when she was expecting his third child.


Marcia testifies that only Christ could free her. She had made several attempts to stop the drugs, drink, and prostitution but she only managed to sink deeper. Until four years ago, when a woman invited her to the House of Hope’s Ministry. When Marcia heard the message, she understood that she had been fighting alone. When she received Christ, she did not doubt that the Lord wanted to give her a new beginning.

From that day forward Marcia never used cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol again. She says that she does not need them because she knows that God never will abandon her. Now she is truly happy! She loves to be early every Friday to the discipleship class and always does her homework.


Marcia, thanks to our generous donors, now has her own business! She sells plastic ware and fruit on a table in front of her house. She is very grateful and always thank God for the generous donors who bless women like her.


There are many women like Marcia that would be grateful for a new small business.

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