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House of Hope provides school uniforms to thousands of children and scholarships to at least 130 children each year from our Nicaragua program. Girls between 15-19 years of age who attend Community Groups receive these blessings annually if they are in school. The children of the hundreds of women who attend also receive uniforms and scholarships with the gracious help of donors like you. The students in our residential program receive tuition along with books and school expenses. Helping these children stay in school, especially the girls, is a deterrent to keeping them from being trapped in child brothels. 

$30 will buy a child a uniform.


Build A Child's Confidence Today



Story of Ashlen

Ashlen was 16 years old, and she admitted to selling her body-- out of a sheer need for a school uniform. In Nicaragua, students are required to wear uniforms to attend school and she had a deep desire to study. Unfortunately, her mother was not able to buy a uniform for her. Ashlen first begged a male security guard for money to buy a school uniform. In response the man said, “listen. I will, however, give you more money if you have sex with me"... so she did.


She was finally able to purchase a uniform with the money she received and began seeing this as an easy way to get what she needed for herself and her younger brothers.  Ashlen heard about House of Hope and the school program. When she found out she would receive the gift of a uniform if she attended House of Hope, she replied,  “I will go because I am tired of having sex with old and disgusting men just for a uniform."

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Give A Scholarship For Higher Education

You can equip the child of a woman coming out of prostitution to become a doctor, a school teacher, accountant, and more through higher education. Provide a scholarship today to send a high school graduate to college!

*Pictured is Clarissa, a daughter of a graduate woman. Clarissa went to school to become a doctor!

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